Armadi, tavoli e celle fermalievitazione
Fermalievita / Fermabiga

Cold systems for white art specialists

Controlled leavening is used for bread and pastry doughs through correct management of temperature, humidity andtime parameters. Everlasting retarder proofer system controls the leavening activity of the dough by blocking it orslowing it down; then, it automatically starts the leavening phase set by the program. Depending on the type of product, specific climatic conditions can be set for the leavening phase. In this way, the product will be leavened naturally and ready to be baked at the desired time. The complete Leavening cycle is composed of 5 phases: chilling, storage, awakening, leavening and delayed baking.



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    To eliminate night work

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    Less waste
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    To contain personnel costs
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    To optimize times and to improve work management

Leavening control refrigerated cabinets

Leavening control working tables

Cold rooms for leavening control

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