Fermalievita Cabinet

Baking Cab

Everlasting retarder-proofer cabinets allow you to easily program an entire leavening cycle by setting the exact time when you need your products to be ready for baking. In this way the bakery work organization is sensibly simplified. By scheduling the retarder-proofer to get products ready early in the morning at opening time, you can forget the night shifts. You can also easily manage closings by delaying the leavening process and keeping the product stored at an optimal temperature. Inside our Baking Cab cabinets leavening takes place in a natural and homogeneous way, in order to have products ready to be baked and offered to customers freshly made every day.


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    Stainless steel AISI 304.
    Technical compartment, external back, external base in hot-dip galvanized metal sheet
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    Tropicalized monoblock unit

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    Gas R452A / CO2 / R290 Green

    GAS R452A: not available for EU markets 

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    Automatic defrost with electrical heater

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    Evaporator with anticorrosive treatment

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    60 mm insulation thickness with environmentfriendly high-density polyurethane

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    Internal setup for Euronorm 60x40 or 60x80 trays and wire-shelves

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    Built-in humidification system with water supply connection

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Remote connection system via wi-fi


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    Serial port RS-485

Control panel

  • HACCP alarm log
  • Alarm management (temperature, power failure and dirty condenser)
  • WI-FI connection module for remote management (optional) 
  • RS485 serial port for connection to supervision systems
  • Automatic or manual working programs
  • Active humidity adjustment up to 95% (FL version only). Water supply connection needed


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    Ease-of-use, flexibility and high automation to meet any modern bakery and pizzeria needs.

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    The Glass version with LED light allows having both the perfect storage and the best elegant display opportunity for your products.

  • icon-tempo@2x.png

    Monoblock refrigerating unit easy to service and clean.

  • icon-touch@2x.png

    High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to high density polyurethane insulation thickness and to R290 refrigerating Gas (Green version).

  • icon-guadagno@2x.png

    Easy internal cleaning thanks to rounded corners and removable racks without the need of specific tools.

The Fermalievita Baking Cab range