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46029 Suzzara, Mantova — Italy

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Where can I buy Everlasting products?

Our company does not sell directly to end users, but relies on a network of dealers, both in Italy and abroad. This allows us offering a quality service to the customer, who is supported by the dealer both during the purchase and for installation and after-sales.
For any need or request, you can use the form below or send an email to: 
We will take care of putting you in touch with our dealer closest to you.

Where can I find serial number and data relating to my appliance?

Serial number and data relating to my appliance can be found on the silver CE label, on the front page of the manual or on the compressor motor.

I need a spare part, what can I do?

It is possible to request a spare part using the form below by choosing "Parts" from the drop-down menu.

Where can I find the general conditions of sale?

It is possible to consult the general conditions of sale directly from our site at this page

How can I become an Everlasting reseller?

Our company is always available to evaluate new interesting collaborations.

Send the request using the form below by choosing "Information" from the drop-down menu or send an email to:

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