Strengths and values

"Innovation" and "craftsmanship" are two of the keywords that characterize the entire Everlasting production. The continuous search for increasingly cutting-edge technological solutions and constant investment to improve the efficiency and functionality of the products are the basis of the Company's value scale, which has always been aware of the fact that without change there can be no progress.

Alongside this continuous desire for growth, Everlasting combines the utmost attention to craftsmanship and attention to detail, aspects that are found in the fine workmanship that distinguishes the company's products. The entire life cycle of the product, from the design to the production phase, is controlled and managed internally: in this way, every single detail is taken care of directly by the company's technicians, with a view to seeking an increasingly accurate and attentive to modern design trends. This trend, completely innovative in a sector that has always favored substance and resistance over time, brings the aesthetics and personality generally typical of the home kitchen also to the professional field: the Everlasting products therefore lend themselves to being inserted also in the halls of restaurants, pizzerias and bars, bringing the end customer closer to the processing stages and involving him emotionally. The design and attention to aesthetics characterize the entire range of products, but find its maximum expression in the most recent Professional Color line.

Following entirely the life stages of individual products, not having offices abroad and relying exclusively on Italian suppliers, the company stands as a promoter of Made in Italy, strongly believing in the added value of Italianness.


Undoubtedly, Passion is the glue to these fundamental values, the engine of a solid and compact team that, with over 60 years of experience in professional refrigeration, tackles new projects with dedication, commitment and a spirit of sacrifice.

Aesthetic vocation

The attention to detail and the proposal of new textures and materials are the expression of a strong aesthetic vocation of the product. The Color Collection line is the emblem of this new way of interpreting the professional kitchen environment.


The color palette proposed in combination with traditional stainless steel, gives space to different stylistic solutions. The choice of finishes is transformed, passing from a technical detail to an aesthetic choice, an integral part of the personalized and unique furnishing project.


Adopting smart solutions also means carrying out your production activity with the aim of having the lowest possible energy impact.


At the production level, this involves maximum attention to consumption and waste reduction throughout the process but above all the proposal of a product that knows how to combine high performance, sustainability and energy saving.

Technological innovation

Never before have we made quality and innovation our mission by studying solutions that make our products even more functional and performing. Hence the desire to transform the company into a Smart Factory by integrating IT technology with production so as to make it more efficient and flexible. This new production model translates into the development of products that embrace the principles of industry 4.0.


Today it is possible to remotely monitor and manage Everlasting equipment in the kitchen through any mobile device by downloading the dedicated App. Synergy, interconnection and multifunctionality are the key aspects of these products that meet the needs of modern catering.


High energy saving solutions.

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    Use of Gas R452 and R290 free of CFC and HCFC.

  • white-impatto@2x.png

    Use of low-emissions / low-impact components.

  • white-spessore@2x.png

    The high thickness of ecological high density polyurethane insulation makes our products highly efficient in terms of cold retention. No heat loss.

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    Each one of our products (no sample test) is tested in our plant after production, in order to achieve the perfect fulfillment of technical requirements.

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    Our products and the packaging we use to protect them are 99% recyclable.

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    Most of our products are available in Green version, with Gas R290 Propane. Propane is a high efficiency natural gas, highly valuable in terms of performance and energy consumption, and totally harmless for the environment.

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    We use high quality and efficient materials and components, sourced from selected suppliers.

We keep up with innovation by combining high performances, sustainability and energy saving solutions.