Curing and dry-aging

MEATico is a modern cellar thanks to which you can recreate the perfect curing and dry-aging conditions, all year round, in complete safety and in a natural way. MEATico allows constantly controlling and managing temperature, humidity and ventilation parameters, ensuring an optimal environment for products. 


The attention to detail and elegant design makes it perfect to be placed in an open kitchen or in a restaurant.


"MEATico is not a simple conservatory refrigerator, but a highly-specialized instrument specifically developed to cure and dry-aged hand made products "


Cold cuts, meat
and cheeses

MEATico allows curing and dry-aging different hand-made products according to your needs, thus obtaining a unique and superior quality product.


Remote connection system via Wi-Fi

Total control through Everlasting App

MEATico automatically connects to cloud via a Wi-Fi network, allowing the operation and parameters of the cabinet or cold room to be managed remotely.

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