Total control at any time via the App or web portal

Your equipment under control at all times

Everlasting products are equipped with an efficient remote monitoring system that allows having your equipment under control at all times. Thanks to a simple Wi-Fi connection, the control unit connects to the Cloud platform, allowing the remote management of your appliances from different mobile devices through a special dedicated App, downloadable on a tablet or smartphone.


The advantages of remote control

  • Work optimization
  • Limitation of waste
  • Better maintenance management
  • Analysis of your business through the operation of equipment

What can you manage remotely?

  • icon-parametri@2x.png

    Running cycle visualization

  • icon-registro@2x.png

    Appliance start / stop

  • icon-avviso@2x.png

    Trend diagram visualization of running cycle

  • icon-service@2x.png

    Warning and management of possibile alarms or anomalies

  • icon-service@2x.png

    Creation of new recipes

  • icon-service@2x.png

    Parameter visualization and adjustment

  • icon-service@2x.png

    HACCP report

A "ready to use" solution

In addition to ensuring a ready-for-use, easily accessible solution with intuitive interfaces, this system offers the possibility to connect different appliances in the kitchen, allowing for coordinated and functional management.


Our remotely controllable models

Optional Wi-Fi connection module:
  • PROFESSIONAL Cabinets and Tables
  • CLASSIC refrigerated cabinets
  • ROLL-IN / ROLL-THROUGH refrigerated cabinets
  • SALADETTE refrigerated tables
  • PASTRY - CHOCOLATE - MULTI-LAB refrigerated cabinets
  • RETARDER-PROOFER cabinets, tables and cold rooms
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAY blast chillers - shock freezers
  • KING TROLLEY blast chillers - shock freezers
  • Cabinets STORAGE - WINE
Standard Wi-Fi connection module:
  • ALL IN ONE - MEAT - PANORAMA - FISH curing and dry-aging cabinets
  • ALL IN ONE - MEAT curing and dry-aging cold rooms