Macchine per la produzione di ghiaccio in diverse forme

Ice Makers

Our machines can supply ice in different shapes and systems to satisfy any kind of need.


Ice cube makers by spray system to obtain crystal-clear, pure, hygienical and also very consistent ice cubes.

Ice makers with paddle system to obtain ice cubes also with the most calcareous kind of water.

Ice machines making granular ice flakes suitable for fish-shops, restaurants, clinics, laboratories, etc. .


All models are available in versions with condensation whether by air  A  or by water  W 


  • icon-acciaio@2x.png
    Aisi 304 stainless steel, external
  • icon-tropical@2x.png
    Insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane
  • icon-gas@2x.png
    Gas R290 Green
  • icon-sbrinamento@2x.png
    Reliable and maintenance-free water circulation pumps
  • icon-evaporatore@2x.png

    Perfectly tinned copper parts in contact with ice

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Patented automati controls

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Air or water condensation

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