Refrigerated tables


Highly efficient and performing, Professional tables are equipped with advanced functions and innovative technology that guarantee their quality; in addition, the absence of the evaporator in the room gives them maximum load capacity.

Their elegant design and refined finishes make them ideal products for open-plan kitchens and workshops. Professional range tables are also customizable both internally and externally with a wide range of options available to meet specific customer needs.


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    Stainless steel AISI 304.
    Technical compartment, external base in hot-dip galvanized metal sheet. External back in Aisi 304 stainless steel
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    Tropicalized monoblock unit 

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    Gas R452A / CO2 / R290 Green

    GAS R452A: not available for EU markets

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    Evaporator with anticorrosive treatment

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    Automatic defrost  with electrical heater

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    50 mm insulation thickness with environmentfriendly high-density polyurethane

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    Remote connection system via wi-fi


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    Serial port RS-485 


Control panel

  • HACCP alarm log
  • Alarm management (temperature, power failure and dirty condenser)
  • WIFI connection module for remote management (optional)
  • RS485 serial port for connection to supervision systems (optional)
  • Energy Saving function
  • Overcooling function
  • High and low humidity setting


  • icon-efficienza@2x.png

    High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to high-density polyurethane insulation thickness and to R290 refrigerating Gas

  • icon-pulizia@2x.png

    Easy internal cleaning thanks to roundedcorners and removable racks without the need of specific tools.

  • icon-evaporatore@2x.png

    Monoblock refrigerating unit easy to service and clean.

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    High internal capacity thanks to the external evaporator compartment.

  • icon-personalizzazione@2x.png

    Possibility to customize both internal equipment and external configuration.

Ventilation system

The monoblock refrigeration system connected to a ceiling ventilation channel located under the worktop allows a uniform and homogeneous distribution of cold air.


Top finish


With stainless steel top and splashback

(Code A)

With stainless steel top

(Code P)

Without working top - (surface in galvanized metal sheet)

(Code S)