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The work cycle and the correct load of a blast chillers

The blast chiller is a fundamental tool in the kitchen for chefs and pastry chefs. This appliance has the main function of quickly lowering the temperature of food, either fresh or pre-cooked, preserving its organoleptic characteristics throughout the storage phase.
How does the blast chiller work cycle take place?
The work cycle of a blast chiller can take place in two ways:
▪️Work cycle with probe
▪️Timed work cycle 

What is the difference?

In the cycle with probe, the work is managed by the probe itself, which precisely detects the temperature at product core. Once the set temperature is reached, the work cycle ends and the blast chiller automatically switches to the storage phase.
The timed work cycle, as the word itself says, has a defined duration.
The blast chiller takes 90 minutes for blast chilling and 240 min for shock freezing. Obviously, the temperatures change: + 90 / + 3 ° C for blast chilling and + 90 / -18 ° C for shock freezing.
Also in this case, at the end of the cycle the blast chiller automatically switches to the storage phase. 
In addition to the speed with which the cooling or freezing takes place, for a correct outcome in product quality it is necessary to respect some precautions.
Here are 4 suggestions for the correct load of a blast chiller:
▪️First of all, avoid overloading the blast chiller beyond the indicated limits;
▪️Do not arrange the trays too close to each other: leave some space at the top and bottom;
▪️Do not place the trays too far from the evaporator;
▪️Do not concentrate the blast chiller trays in a single area if the load is not complete, but distribute them along the entire height of the blast chiller.
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