Saladette refrigerate professionali
Refrigerated tables


The refrigerated saladette is a clever piece of equipment which allows perfect storage of products while they are available at your fingertips. It can also be used to display products ready for serving.

Practical and versatile, it is meant to be placed in the kitchen or in the dining room, at client’s sight.


  • icon-acciaio@2x.png
    Stainless steel AISI 304.
    Technical compartment, external base in hot-dip galvanized metal sheet. External back in Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • icon-tropical@2x.png

    Tropicalized monoblock unit 

  • icon-gas@2x.png

    Gas R452A / R290 Green

    GAS R452A: not available for EU markets

  • icon-sbrinamento@2x.png

    Evaporator with anticorrosive treatment

  • icon-evaporatore@2x.png

    Automatic defrost  with electrical heater

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    50 mm insulation thickness with environmentfriendly high-density polyurethane

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Remote connection system via wi-fi


  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Serial port RS-485 


Control panel

  • HACCP alarm log
  • Alarm management (temperature, power failure and dirty condenser)
  • WIFI connection module for remote management (optional)
  • RS485 serial port for connection to supervision systems (optional)
  • Energy Saving function
  • Overcooling function
  • High and low humidity setting


  • icon-efficienza@2x.png

    High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to high-density polyurethane insulation thickness and to R290 refrigerating Gas

  • icon-pulizia@2x.png

    Easy internal cleaning thanks to roundedcorners and removable racks without the need of specific tools.

  • icon-evaporatore@2x.png

    Monoblock refrigerating unit easy to service and clean.

  • icon-personalizzazione@2x.png

    Wide range of customizable container layouts

Ventilation system

The monoblock refrigeration system connected to a ceiling ventilation channel located under the worktop allows a uniform and homogeneous distribution of cold air.


Capacity gastronorm container



Mod.  Saladette 2  container capacity 2

Mod.  Saladette 2 REM  container capacity 2


Mod.  Saladette 3  container capacity 3

Mod.  Saladette 3 REM  container capacity 3


Mod.  Saladette 4  container capacity 4

Mod.  Saladette 4 REM  container capacity 4


(Gastronorm containers not included)



Type of gastronorm containers:

  • icon-acciaio@2x.png
    Container 1/1
  • icon-tropical@2x.png

    Container 1/2

  • icon-gas@2x.png

    Container 1/3 + 2/3

  • icon-sbrinamento@2x.png

    Container 1/3

  • icon-evaporatore@2x.png

    Container 1/4

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Container 1/6

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Container 1/9

  • icon-spessore@2x.png

    Depth 100 / 150 mm