Refrigerated cabinets


Fresh fish has a unique taste. To keep its freshness intact, however, it is necessary to pay close attention on how it is preserved. Avoiding dehydration means storing the product in special trays with flake ice and low or absent ventilation. A correct storage temperature prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and therefore the risk of intoxications or infections. Having a dedicated refrigerator such as the FISH cabinet allows you to obtain numerous economic advantages as it allows you to reduce waste due to incorrect storage and ensure longer product life.

The Fish range


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    Stainless steel AISI 304.
    Technical compartment, external back, external base in hot-dip galvanized metal sheet
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    ST class condensing unit (max +38°C)

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    Gas R290 Green

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    Internal drain with external water collection tray

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    Static refrigeration with evaporator built into the cabinet walls 

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    Manual defrost

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    50 mm insulation thickness with environmentfriendly high-density polyurethane

Control panel

  • HACCP alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Great visibility of the touch screen


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    High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to high-density polyurethane insulation thickness and to R290 refrigerating Gas 

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    Easy internal cleaning thanks to roundedcorners and removable racks without the need of specific tools.

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    Internal equipment with plastic drawers for practical and space efficient storage.

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    Specifically designed for optimal fish storage thanks to plastic containers with Aisi 304 stainless steel double bottom for liquid drain.