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What is a blast chiller / shock freezer?

A blast chiller is an appliance that quickly lowers the temperature of food, either fresh or pre-cooked, keeping bacteria proliferation under control and maintaining its characteristics throughout storage.
The speed at which cooling or freezing takes place is crucial, as it determines the quality of products at the time of serving. Thanks to a powerful ventilation, the appliance takes heat away from products, allowing them to quickly reach a core temperature of -18°C (e.g. for freezing program) and avoiding the formation of ice macro-crystals that would compromise quality, consistency and taste.
SOFT/HARD CHILLING  from +90°C  to + 3°C at product core in less than 90 minutes*
SOFT/HARD FREEZING  up to -18°C at product core in less than 4 hours*
These results would not be possible using normal refrigerators, as they do not have the necessary power and ventilation to quickly absorb the heat from products. The necessary time would be considerably longer and not suitable to maintain the quality of the products.
A slow freezing, for example, would transform the water contained in the product into macro-crystals which, by expanding, would tear the structure of the food, worsening its quality.
*Based on products with 40 mm max thickness.

Blast chilling

Ideal for delicate, thin or small products. Air temperature inside the room never goes below -2°C
and products are quickly chilled, but in a delicate way without damaging the surface, until temperature at product core reaches +3 °C.
Ideal for dense, fat, big-size or packed products. Hard chilling cycle is divided into two different phases: during the first phase, air temperature inside the room goes down to -20°C until product core temperature reaches +15°C; in the second phase, the air goes to -2°C until product core temperature reaches +3°C.

Shock freezing


Ideal for delicate, thin or small products that need to be frozen in order to be stored for many weeks or months, but in a gradual and not aggressive way. Air temperature inside the room never goes below 0°C until the temperature of 3°C is measured at product core during the first phase, and goes to -40°C during the second phase to complete the freezing process, reaching
the core temperature of -18°C.




Ideal for dense, fat, big-size or packed products. The process reaches the required core temperature of -18°C as soon as possible. Air inside the room can go down until -40°C.



Work cycle

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    Work cycle by probe

    The unit works in order to reach the desired temperature measured by the probe at product core. Once the temperature is reached, the system automatically switches to storage mode. The probe is supplied as standard on all models.

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    Work cycle by time

    Each cycle has a defined fixed time:


    — Blast chilling (+90°C / +3°C) 90 min

    — Shock freezing (+90°C / -18°C) 240 min


    Automatic activation of positive (+2°C) or negative (-20°C) storage mode at the end of each cycle.


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    High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to high density polyurethane insulation thickness and to the optimization of working cycle.

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    Food that is processed with a blast chiller is healthy and keeps its nutritional content and organoleptic properties.

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    Blast chilling and shock freezing allow a longer product shelf life, reducing wastage and giving the opportunity to organize the kitchen job in the best way.

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    The color touch screen has a user-friendly graphical interface, and it is a powerful tool for the full control of the appliance.

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    Optimizing the kitchen organization means less pressure on the kitchen staff and flawless services, with both results: good workplace atmosphere and higher economic return and profit.


Blast chillers Shock freezers for trays GN 1/1 / EN 60x40: Basic Tray

Blast chillers Shock freezers for trays GN 1/1 / EN 60x40: Professional Tray

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