Chocolate cabinets: the ideal environment for your chocolate

Quality chocolate needs perfect storage, the oxidation of chocolate is exactly what every chocalatier wants to avoid. In order to get a perfect result, the chocolate needs to be properly stored in a cool and dry place. 
The CHOCOLATE cabinets create the ideal envirnonment for proper chocolate storage, CONSTANTLY MANAGING TEMPERATURE AND UMIDITY.
If these two parameters are not correctly managed, the chocolate condensation, can make the sugar emerge on the surface. When moisture evaporates, the sugar becomes crystallized making the surface of the chocolate rough and irregular. An advance electronic system allows temperature and humidity regulation.
A range temperature of 12°C/18°C with a maximum humidity of 40% - 60%, are the optimal values for a correct chocolate conservation. This id the best solution for avoiding the flowering of sugars and fats on the surface, which inevitabily causes a loss of quality and taste.


Chocolate is a very complex food, it needs special attentions during its processing. 
A lot of recipes and preparations need cold to be carried out appropriately.
The crystalization process is fundamental for Chocolate to harden correctly and its surface to become glazed and crunchy. If chilling has happened correctly, Chocolate can be easily removed from its mould keeping its shape, bright and homogeneus colour.
How to store your creations?
Once crystalized, Chocolate has to be stored in a refrigerator with controlled temperature and humidity (chocolate cabinet). The ideal storage temperature varies from 12°C and 18°C, with humidity around 45%.
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