High energy-saving solutions.

We keep up with innovation by combining high performances, sustainability and energy saving solutions.
The quality and efficiency of our products are a key starting point to guarantee our customers best results with a full respect for the environment.
The attention that Everlasting addresses to environmental issues has grown years after years as well as the concrete commitment in creating products of excellent quality with full respect for the environment.
We are confident that companies should play an active role in the safety of the environment. That’s why we use high quality raw materials, highly recyclable and ship our products in packaging specifically design to use less materials and can provide a small footprint.
Innovation for us means searching solutions that meet your needs and every day allow us to reduce our environmental impact.
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    Use of Gas R452 and R290 free of CFC and HCFC.

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    The high thickness of ecological high density polyurethane insulation makes our products highly efficient in terms of cold retention. No heat loss.

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    Most of our products are available in Green version, with Gas R290 Propane. Propane is a high efficiency natural gas, highly valuable in terms of performance and energy consumption, and totally harmless for the environment.

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    Use of low-emissions / low-impact components.

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    Each one of our products (no sample test) is tested in our plant after production, in order to achieve the perfect fulfillment of technical requirements.

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    Our products and the packaging we use to protect them are 99% recyclable.

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    We use high quality and efficient materials and components, sourced from selected suppliers.