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VTR1            VTR2            VTR3            VTR4            VTR5
 VTR 1/6     VTR 2/7     VTR 3/8     VTR 4/9     VTR 5/10
 2°+10°C     2°+10°C     2°+10°C     2°+10°C     2°+10°C


• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304

• inside with rounded corners

• insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane

• static refrigerating unit

• working ambient temperature max +38°C

• environment-friendly R290 (propane) refrigerating gas

• electronic control panel

• upper protection with plain or curved glass

Note: Showcase containers with S/S supports are not included

Package with cardboard included


pane pizza

User Instruction


The success of a good pizza starts with proper ingredient storage

Refrigerated showcases come in five lengths and in two different depths, 310/365 mm, designed for storing the different Gastronorm containers. Such containers are optional features, and come in sets with many possible combinations. Showcases are equipped with flat protection glass as standard, with an elegant curved glass, or even without glass, for insertion in pre-existing structures.


"Refrigerated showcases are available in lengths 1472, 1810, 2000, 2340, 2530 mm, and with depths 305 and 365 mm"



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