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Refrigerated Cabinets ICE

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71               101               101
ICE 70 BTST   ICE 100 BTV   ICE 100 BTST
-15° -25°C   -15° -25°C   -15° -25°C
36Vaschetta   54Vaschetta   54Vaschetta
Vaschetta165 x 360 x 120h               


• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304

• inside with rounded corners and moulded bottom

• 60 mm insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane

• easily removable slideway supports with 35 mm pitch

• BTV air-cooled refrigerating unit

• BTST static refrigerating unit with air agitator

• Energy Saving electronic control panel

• HACCP function with storage of any occurrence

• temperature alarm management and dirty condenser alarm

• “Overcooling” quick cooling function

• “smart” defrosting: activates only when needed

• serial port for connection to supervision systems

• standard door cabinets with working ambient temperature max +43°C

• glass door cabinets with working ambient temperature max +32°C

• R404a - (R452a) refrigerating gas

• automatic evaporation of condensate water (ICE BTV)

• internal light

• key-lock

• self closing doors with easily replaceable magnetic gaskets

• adjustable in height (130-200 mm) stainless steel feet


ICE 70 : n° 5 pairs of slideways and n° 5 EN60x52 wire shelves

ICE 100 : n° 5 pairs of slideways and n° 10 EN60x40 wire shelves

Package with pallet and cardboard included




User Instruction

Video instruction



Gelato storage

The ICE cabinet represents the missing link of the cold-chain in you ice-cream palour. After the ice-cream machine, the blast chiller, and before displaying it, it is necessary to maintain your ice-cream at the right temperature. Practical and capacious, it can contain up to 54 five-litres containers.



"Practical and capacious, it can contain up to 54 five-litres containers."


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Control panel:

Pannello professional

 • Totally “FLAT”, no external encumbrance for easier cleaning. 

• Easy and user-friendly. 

• Protected by an IP 65 water-resistant membrane. 

• Equipped with HACCP alarm functions. 

• Possibility of connecting to supervising systems or to a data download module via a functional USB key (optional feature).

Energy Saving strategies:

risparmio ing




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