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    05P            10            15            20P

Carico/Load   5xGN 1/1                   10xGN 1/1                  15xGN 1/1                  20xGN 1/1
  5xEN 60x40   10xEN 60x40     15xEN 60x40    20xEN 60x40
         6Vaschetta    12Vaschetta    18Vaschetta    24Vaschetta

 Vaschetta165 x 360 x 120h        

Blast chilling: +3°C less than 90 minutes

Shock freezing: -18°C to the heart less than 240 minutes


• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304

• inside with rounded corners and moulded bottom with drain hole

• 60 mm insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane

• slideway supports easily removable without using tools

• easily openable evaporator cover for cleaning and maintenance

• internal equipment for GN1/1 and EN 60x40 containers and pans

• electronic control panel with HACCP data collection

• blast chilling from +90° to +3°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• shock freezing from +90° to -18°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• HARD and SOFT cycle management, both during blast chilling and shock freezing

• automatic activation of positive or negative storage phase at cycle end

• possibility of storing up to 99 cycles

• automatic hot gas defrosting

• SANIFISH function

• THAWING function (optional)

• signalling alarm buzzer

• serial port for connection to supervision systems

• printer for HACCP reports to be integrated on the control front plate (optional)

• working ambient temperature max +43°C

• R404a - (R452a) refrigerating gas

• voltage 230V/1Ph/50Hz (mod. 05), 400V/3Ph/50Hz (mod. 10/15/20)

• sterilization with UV lamp (optional)

• self-closing doors with easily replaceable magnetic gaskets

• adjustable in height stainless steel feet

Standard equipment:

PROFESSIONAL 05 : 5 pairs of stainless steel slideways

PROFESSIONAL 10 : 10 pairs of stainless steel slideways

PROFESSIONAL 15 : 15 pairs of stainless steel slideways

PROFESSIONAL 20 : 20 pairs of stainless steel slideways

Package with pallet and cardboard included

Comparative table

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User Instruction

Video instruction



PROFESSIONAL Series for high performances

Range made up of 4 models up to 20 GN 1/1 or EN 60x40 pans, completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, both internally and externally, with handle integrated in the door. Suitable for chilling / freezing and ice-cream hardening for up to 24 five-litres containers.

Shock freezing:

The temperature of ice-cream coming out from the ice-cream machine is about -7°/-9°C degrees, with a water content of approximately 30%. When placing the ice-cream containers inside a normal conserver or in a showcase, water slowly freezes, producing macro-crystals that quickly cause a loss in the product’s quality. On the other hand, using a shock freezer quickly reducing temperature to -18°C at the core of the product will result in the formation of undamaging very small crystals inside the ice-cream, consequently preserving all its original qualities. It will then be possible to store the product via a controlled storage at -20°/-25°C for several days. Ice-cream will always be fresh as it had just been prepared.


Schema Abbattimento



Everlasting proposes its clients various solutions designed for a perfect storage of ice-cream, thanks to models with different capacities and to the possibility of choosing between static or air-cooled refrigerating systems. The static system with recirculating air-cooler comes with a serpentine evaporator completely inserted in the cabinet walls. These models feature a lot more internal space compared to traditional devices; moreover, they do not de-hydrate the stored products. They are particularly suitable for ice-cream in containers and for semifreddo. The air-cooled system is made up of a copper-aluminum exchange with forced air-cooling, which can quickly reach the desired temperature. These models are particularly suitable for ice-cream in closed containers and for packed frozen products in general.


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"The Blast Chiller at the core of your workshop, models for both small and big output"


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