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Refrigerated Cabinets LOSTAGIONATORE


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cabinet, refrigerator curing cabinet, cold room curing, maturing seasoned salami salami cheese meat sausages price Florentine steaks dry cheeses, age, price, seasoners per cell maturation prices salami sausages, salami curing temperature and humidity drying drying meats and salami maturing cellar, temperature and humidity, seasoning meats in the fridge, seasoning meats at home, how to build a cell for seasoning meats  Your experience, the choice of high-quality meat, the right selection of natural flavours and spices, mustn’t be put at risk by unstable weather. Our range of “Stagionatori” cabinets enhances your product during the delicate process of seasoning, by controlling the temperature, humidity and ventilation levels. Our systems provide the ideal climate throughout the year.   SEASONING Seasoning of handicraft products such as salami, bacon or ham is a very delicate process and requires great care and attention in order to obtain a product of excellence. In our province of Mantua, Norcia meat curing tradition is very ancient. Norcia meat curing technique is an experience that is handed down from generation to generation. Today the modern salami producers feel the need to recreate the same perfect condition of seasoning used in ancient times, in order to obtain the same quality and genuineness of the product. The Stagionatori Everlasting cabinets allow checking step by step all the seasoning phases by setting the values of TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY and VENTILATION depending on the different requirements of  the product. STORAGE Once seasoned, your salami deserve to be stored in a suitable climate to maintain the goodness and taste of the product. Thanks to the adjustment of the TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY it is possible to recreate a perfect clima te, fresh, ventilated and slightly wet, depending on the product to be preserved.   AGING AND DRY-AGING The aging and dry-aging processes give a unique taste to the quality meat by further softening meat cuts.  BY KEEPING THE MEAT AT A TEMPERATURE BETWEEN 0°C and 3°C WITH A CONTROLLED HUMIDITY AROUND 90%, YOU CAN OBTAIN A TENDER AND JUICY PRODUCT WHICH WILL EXALT THE MAXIMUM FLAVOUR OF THE PRODUCT IF COOKED APPROPRIATELY. Aging and Dry-aging in a refrigerated cabinet: BENEFITS? - BETTER FLAVOUR: The meat is left to age with the bone in. - GREATER EFFICIENCY: Refrigerator cabinets with controlled temperature and humidity ensure a perfect climate for aging  - BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Saving money while achieving maximum output from your meat. - TOTAL SAFETY: The aging process is controlled by you personally in every step, by controlling the product day after day.   CHEESE RIPENING The Stagionatore Everlasting cabinet is also suitable for ripening cheese and cheese products.  Thanks to the CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY system you can best ripen different types of cheeses by creating an ideal climate that determines the taste and the flavour typical of the cheese, and make it stand out from the others. Complex chemical-enzymatic reactions take place during this phase, that involve the sugars, the proteins, the fats and the lactic acid that begin in a boiler and end with seasoning.  These changes are influenced by the amount of water and salt, by the degree of acidity of the cheese paste, the shape and the size of the cheese but, above all, by TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY. Unsuitable climate may give rise to bad results even if the raw material and the processing technique are of excellent quality. Excessive drying and sudden changes in temperature are negative factors that compromise the success of most of the cheeses; with the Stagionatore cabinet, you can check both the temperature and the humidity in every season.   Why choosing our refrigerated cabinet Stagionatore? • Reliable  • Efficient, your cold cuts will be ready in 30 days • Easy to use, no previous experience needed (automatic temperature and humidity control) • Precise, providing the ideal climate for seasoning all year long • Easy installation and maintenance  • Flexible, it can be used as seasoner, storage container, or for the specific “meat dry-aging” cycle • Durable, entirely built in AISI 304stainless steel, both internally and externally.   The Stagionatore Vip comes from the desire to combine aesthetics and functionality in a single model. The elegant and solid design of the stainless steel glass door, making it perfect for exhibiting your products giving due importance to them. The Stagionatore Vip holds the most advanced technology on the market in the full respect of the ancient traditions.


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