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Ice Maker DOMINO

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• external construction in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10

• insulation by CFC free polyurethane foam with density 42 kg/m3

• environment-friendly R290 (propane) refrigerating gas

• reliable pumps for water circulation needing no maintenance

• perfectly tinned copper parts in touch with the ice

• patented automatic controls.





Ice cubes by spray system: Spraying system main advantage is that  very compact, besides that perfectly crystal-clear and pure ice cubes can be obtained. This is very important because the ice cube purpose is to chill without diluting. Ice is produced by spraying water in close circuit onto an evaporator formed by chilled copper little cups where water takes the cube shape, from which authomatically it falls into the collecting bin. The spoon-shaped copper containers are fully tinned in order to grant complete hygiene. Water circulation pump is supplied with steel roller bearings with tiled sealing rings, therefore no maintenance is required.

Ice cubes by paddle system: This automatic ice cube maker range has been built to satisfy some customers request for machines operating with any kinds of water, even the most calcareous. While projecting this range, we have given efficient patented solutions for automatic control in order to avoid every inconvenience to this ice making system. The final result is the pruduction of perfectly cylindric ice cubes.

Ice flakes: This kind of granular ice is suitable for fish-shops, bars and ice-cream shops, and for restaurants where fish and crustaceans are served, for clinics and laboratories, etc.. Ice is produced into a verticale cylinder and pushed into the collecting bin by an endless screw. 250 and 500 models are supplied with an optional collecting bin.




"All the machines are available in two different condensating system versions: by air or by water."



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