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Blast Chillers KING TROLLEY

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Mod. L1 /P1

    20   40   80   120
              KING TROLLEY 20 L1   KING TROLLEY 40 L1   KING TROLLEY 80 L1            KING TROLLEY 120 L1



Kg 80 L1 / 110 P1            150 L1 / 220 P1            340 L1 / 420 P1   420 L1 / 630 P1



Kg 60 L1 / 85 P1   120 L1 / 170 P1   280 L1 / 330 P1   330 L1 / 480 P1

Blast chilling: +3°C less than 90 minutes

Shock freezing: -18°C to the heart less than 240 minutes

*For products of 5/6 cm of thickness at -18°C to the heart

Mod. L2 /P2

    40 2   80 2   120 2
              KING TROLLEY 40 L2   KING TROLLEY 80 L2            KING TROLLEY 120 L2



Kg 150 L2 / 220 P2            340 L2 / 420 P2   420 L2 / 630 P2



Kg 120 L2 / 170 P2   280 L2 / 330 P2   330 L2 / 480 P2

Blast chilling: +3°C less than 90 minutes

Shock freezing: -18°C to the heart less than 240 minutes

*For products of 5/6 cm of thickness at -18°C to the heart




• cold room panel structure

• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304

• inside with rounded corners and stainless steel bumpers

• access ramp in stainless steel

• useful passage mm 750x1860 h KING TROLLEY 20

• useful passage mm 900x2000 h KING TROLLEY 40-80-120

• 100 mm insulation (70 mm for mod. 20) by environment-friendly polyurethane

• easily openable evaporator cover for cleaning and maintenance

• pre-arranged for insertion of GN1/1 – GN2/1 – EN60x40 – EN60x80 trolleys

• digital control panel with full-colour graphic display and touch-sense keys

• HACCP function with storage of up to 9 occurences for each alarm

• blast chilling from +90° to +3°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• shock freezing from +90° to -18°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• HARD and SOFT cycle management, both during blast chilling and shock freezing

• automatic activation of positive or negative storage phase at cycle end

• possibility of recording chilling, freezing and storage cycles

• automatic hot gas defrosting

• signalling alarm buzzer

• serial port for connection to supervision systems

• USB slot for recorded data download

• working ambient temperature max +43°C

• remote silenced condensing units with housing as standard (maximum distance 15 mt.)

• R404a - (R452a) refrigerating gas (not included)

• voltage 400V/3Ph/50Hz

• sterilization with UV lamp (optional)

• self-closing doors with easily replaceable magnetic gaskets

Comparative table

 Tabella comparativa Abf



User Instructions


Blast chillers / Shock Freezers for Trolleys

Systems for high capacity

Functional high-capacity Blast chillers with either one or two pass-through doors for GN 1/1 - GN2/1 - EN60x40 - EN60x80 trolley insertion. Equipped with digital control panel with full-colour graphic display and touch-sense keys, HACCP function and storage of up to 9 events for each alarm. Moreover, it is possible to download the stored data thanks to a USB port. Condensing units are silenced and faired as standard.


King trolley

pannello 2015 ABF Trolley


Electronic control panel with colour graphic display and functional visualization icons. Input of customized programs available, easy and user-friendly menu available in 5 languages.




 What is a blast chiller / shock freezer?

A blast chiller is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooked, maintaining its peculiarities throughout storage. The speed at which the chilling or freezing takes place is fundamental, as it will determine the quality of your dishes at the time of serving.




Chilling or freezing with a standard refrigerator: Standard refrigerators do not have the necessary power and ventilation to quickly absorb the product’s heat. The time required would be 18/20 times higher, and the results would be inadequate in terms of product quality. For example, a slow freezing would turn the water inside the products into macro-crystals that, while expanding, would tear the food’s structure and worsen its quality features.


Vantaggi Abbattimento


"Quickly lowering the temperature of your fresh or just cooked products, maintains their original characteristics unaltered over time, allowing you to safely manage your menu."



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