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Blast Chillers BASIC TRAY

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    mini            03            05            05
Carico/Load   3xGN 2/3                   3xGN 1/1                  5xGN 1/1                  5xGN 1/1
  -    -     5xEN 60x40    5xEN 60x40
         -    2Vaschetta    6Vaschetta   6Vaschetta



Kg 7   10   14   20



Kg 4   5   9   12

 Vaschetta165 x 360 x 120h        

Blast chilling: +3°C less than 90 minutes

Shock freezing: -18°C to the heart less than 240 minutes

*For products of 5/6 cm of thickness at -18°C to the heart


• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304

• inside with rounded corners and moulded bottom

• insulation by environment-friendly polyurethane

• slideway supports easily removable without using tools

• internal equipment for GN1/1 and EN 60x40 containers and pans

• electronic control panel

• blast chilling from +90° to +3°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• shock freezing from +90° to -18°C by temperature-based core probe or by time

• HARD and SOFT cycle management, both during blast chilling and shock freezing

• automatic activation of positive or negative storage phase at cycle end

• manual air defrosting

• signalling alarm buzzer

• serial port for connection to supervision systems

• working ambient temperature max +38°C

• R404a - (R452a) refrigerating gas

• voltage 230V/1Ph/50Hz

• self-closing doors with easily replaceable magnetic gaskets

• adjustable in height stainless steel feet for models BASIC 05

Standard equipment:

BASIC MINI : 1 GN 2/3 stainless steel wire shelf

BASIC 03 : 3 pairs of stainless steel slideways

BASIC 05 E/C : 5 pairs of stainless steel slideways

Package with pallet and cardboard included

Comparative table

 Tabella comparativa Abf



User Instructions

Video instruction




The essence of cooling and freezing

Quickly lowering the temperature of your fresh or just cooked products maintains their original characteristics unaltered over time, allowing you to safely manage your menu. Range made up of 4 models up to 5 GN 1/1 or EN 60x40 pans, completely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, both internally and externally, with handle integrated in the door. Suitable for chilling / freezing and ice-cream hardening for up to 6 five-litres containers. Totally FLAT control panel with management of HARD and SOFT cycles both in chilling and in freezing, automatic activation of “Positive” or “Negative” storage phase at cycle end, signalling and alarm buzzer and serial port for connecting to supervising systems



What is a blast chiller / shock freezer?

A blast chiller is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooked, maintaining its peculiarities throughout storage. The speed at which the chilling or freezing takes place is fundamental, as it will determine the quality of your dishes at the time of serving.




Chilling or freezing with a standard refrigerator: Standard refrigerators do not have the necessary power and ventilation to quickly absorb the product’s heat. The time required would be 18/20 times higher, and the results would be inadequate in terms of product quality. For example, a slow freezing would turn the water inside the products into macro-crystals that, while expanding, would tear the food’s structure and worsen its quality features.


Vantaggi Abbattimento


"Quickly lowering the temperature of your fresh or just cooked products, maintains their original characteristics unaltered over time, allowing you to safely manage your menu."



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