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Cold Rooms for Leavening control BAKING ROOM

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Systems designed for large needs

The new BAKING ROOM cold rooms for leavening control result from EVERLASTING’s long standing experience in the field of professional refrigeration, which made it possible to tweak this new system designed for programming the leavening process. The main aim of this project was to relieve the baker of the burden of night work, but at the same time to introduce a system which could guarantee an increased bread quality compared to traditional systems.




Everlasting technology

The structure of the cold room consists in modular panels with insulation by 70 mm-thick expanded polyurethane, covered in white plasticised galvanised sheet (AISI 304 stainless steel covering upon request). The floor consists in panels with insulation by 3 cm-thick polyurethane with a further reinforcement by 10 mm-thick anti-slip phenolic material. The false ceiling and the wall channel for air recirculation are in AISI 304 stainless steel. The refrigerating machines have been designed to guarantee a high humidity level and a huge refrigerating power even in case of a slow ventilation speed. Evaporators are painted to avoid corrosion even after years of use. Humidity is generated by specific boilers provided with resistors, distributing steam quickly and precisely. This simple, affordable, but effective system does not require any maintenance, nor periodical replacements of dipped electrode generators. All functions of the cold room are programmed, managed and controlled by an elaborate software developed by Everlasting, highly intuitive and user-friendly, thanks to the simple control panel showing all settings.




The air-distribution system consists in channels located on the whole length of the cold room, so as to guarantee a uniform and indirect flow of air on the product, to ensure a homogeneous fermentation and avoid any defects on the bread surface.











Useful suggestions for a correct usage of Fermalievita:

- Chill the cold room before introducing the product (-8°)

- Quickly introduce the product in the cold room, as soon as it has been portioned

- If improvers are used, they should be suitable to cold 

- Use top-quality flour

- Do not exceed with yeast

- Do not bake the product immediately after it has been removed from the cold room; let it dry to avoid crust defects


Greater value to your products

The use of cold processes in modern baking technology arises from the new production needs, whose main goal is to avoid night and holiday work. LEAVENING CONTROL: Controlled fermentation is generally used for pastry and bread dough, and consists in an accurate management of temperature, humidity and time.  Everlasting refrigerated cabinets and tables for leavening control are able to stop or slow down the fermentative activity of yeast and to keep the dough in such stable conditions for maximum 72 hours. The fermentation phase then automatically starts at the time set by the program.


The whole process consists into 4 steps:

- Cooling

- Storage

- Pre-leavening

- Leavening




The advantages of  LEAVENING CONTROL

Elimination of night work, because the baker kneads and prepares the different kinds of raw bread during the day, then introduces them in the leavening control appliance and automatically delays the leavening process through simple programming, so that when he arrives early in the morning, the bread is ready to be baked. Improved product quality, because a long leavening process gives the bread more flavour and lengthens its duration. Enhanced profits, thanks to the rationalization of the production process, causing a reduction in the amount of yeast used and resulting in the elimination of bread remains at the end of the day.



"Bakery specialists choose Everlasting"



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Control Panel:

pannello celle


Automatic or manual functions for maximum flexibility of use

3.5” TFT full colour capacitive electronic control panel with practical visualization icons. Possibility of adding customised programs, user-friendly menu, available in 5 languages.  A  synoptic chart is also placed above the door, to display the cycle progression.





• Internal-external covering in white plastic-coated sheet (covering in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 on demand) 

• 70 mm insulation thickness by environment-friendly water-expanded high density polyurethane foam 

• floor made by panels with 30 mm insulation thickness with upper reinforcement by 10 mm antislip phenolic material 

• false-ceiling and ventilation channel in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 

• powerful evaporators with protective painting 

• fully sized (remote) refrigerating units to ensure high humidity and power even in case of low ventilation speed, faired and soundproofed as standard

• humidity generated by resistor boilers 

• 3.5” TFT full colour capacitive electronic control panel with practical visualization icons. Possibility of addition of customized programs, menu available in 5 languages, easy and quick to use.

• environment-friendly R404a refrigerating gas 

• voltage 400V/3Ph/50Hz

Cold rooms are delivered disassembled in panels 

Packing included


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