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The attention Everlasting addresses environmental issues has grown year after year as well as the specific commitment in creating excellent quality products in full respect for the environment. 

We are sure, in fact, that companies should play an active role in the first person in the environment. 

That's why we have a photovoltaic system that lets you turn, directly and instantly, the solar energy into electrical energy without using any fuel. 

The solar system consists of 1,270 panels with a total area of ​​2,120 square meters can produce 331.2 kW of electricity from the solar panels is fed into the national grid. The plant produces electric energy, reducing and / or eliminating the need for electricity drawn from the mains, with a minimum management and maintenance. 

Also it allows you to use all the energy generated and not consumed immediately, through the service of "metering". 
In addition to constantly find solutions that meet the needs of the modern catering, we try to minimize our environmental impact through these policies. 

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