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Leavening control consists in 4 stages:



- Elimination of night work: The baker kneads and prepares the different kinds of raw bread during the day, then introduces them in the leavening control appliance and automatically delays the leavening process through simple programming, so that when he arrives early in the morning, bread is ready to be baked. 

- Improved product quality: Because a long leavening process gives the bread more flavour and extends its duration. 

- Enhanced profits: Thanks to the rationalization of the production process, causing a reduction in the quantity of yeast used and resulting in the elimination of bread remains at the end of the day.


The most common baking defects: 

- Excessively soft dough 
- Excessively cold dough 
- Excessively hot dough 
- Low-quality flour 
- Excessive humidity in the cold room 
- Excessively hot oven 
- Excessive steam


Greater value to your products

Useful suggestions for a correct usage of Fermalievita:
- Chill the cold room before introducing the product (-8°) 
- Quickly introduce the product in the cold room, as soon as it has been portioned 
- If improvers are used, they should be suitable to cold 
- Use top-quality flour 
- Do not exceed with yeast 
- Do not bake the product immediately after it has been removed from the cold room; let it dry to avoid crust defects 


Useful suggestions for baking:
- The oven should be slightly less hot than usual 
- Use steam before baking, to avoid the appearance of bubbles