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In nature there are many different kinds of food, each having peculiar characteristics. Because of this variety, there are many ways of chilling, so as to best preserve the properties and organoleptic characteristics of our food.

Soft Chilling


Ideal for delicate, thin or small-sized products such as vegetables, rice and fried products. With soft chilling, the temperature of the products, acting on the ventilation, is quickly but at the same time gently lowered, in order not to damage their surface.a




Hard Chilling


Ideal for dense, fatty, big-sized or packed products. Through hard-chilling, the temperature of the products is quickly lowered reaching the temperature of 3°C at their core, avoiding the risk of freezing their surface.






Shock Freezing


Ideal for all food products that, once brought to the temperature of at least -18°C at the core of the product, are due to be preserved for weeks or months.