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What is a blast chiller / shock freezer?

A blast chiller is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooked, maintaining its peculiarities during storage. The speed at which the chilling or freezing takes place is fundamental, as it determines the quality of your dishes at the time of serving.




Chilling or freezing with a standard refrigerator
Standard refrigerators do not have the necessary power and ventilation to quickly absorb the product's heat. The time required would be 18/20 times higher, and the results would be inadequate in terms of product quality. For example, a slow freezing would turn the water inside the products into macro-crystals that, while expanding, would tear the food's structure and worsen its quality features. 

The blast chiller operates in full compliance with the HACCP standards, which originated from the need for maintaining the food's healthiness. The HACCP system is designed to assess all possible risks that may affect the food's healthiness at each stage of its production: it implements preventive measures, instead of focusing just on the inspection activities carried out on the finished product. In other words, this control is designed to monitor the whole food production and distribution process. There are many different kinds of chilling, depending on the characteristics of the food and on how long we intend to store it:


Blast chilling +90°/+3°C

Abbattimento rapido


Blast chilling is a system which makes it possible to lengthen the duration of food, maintaining its quality and fragrance. All foodstuff, once cooked, quickly looses all its initial peculiarities because of natural bacterial growth. There are four factors at the base of the bacterial proliferation causing this deterioration: the kind of food, the humidity, time and temperature. With its range of King blast chillers, Everlasting is able to appropriately control these factors, by lowering, within 90 minutes at most, the temperature at the heart of the products from +90° to +3°C. Thanks to this process, the subsequent storage period can last up to 5 or 6 days in complete safety. 






Shock freezing +90°C / -18°C




To preserve food in the middle-long term maintaining their organoleptic characteristics, they need to be submitted to shock freezing up to -18°C at the heart of the product. This freezing process, lasting maximum 240 minutes, turns the food liquids into ice crystals. With its range of King shock freezers, Everlasting is able to obtain very small crystals, thanks to the fast penetration of cold at the heart of the products. The smaller the crystals, the better the quality of the products once thawed. As a consequence, raw and cooked foods will not suffer losses of liquids, weight, consistency and taste, and it will be possible to use and propose them in full safety, exactly as if they were fresh products.