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A family affair since 1956

Everlasting is one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of the production of refrigerated units for catering facilities. In particular, it is a specialist in the production of refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated working tables, showcases for pizza, ice makers, cold rooms, blast chillers and other equipment for professional refrigeration. Playing a leading role in the national market,  Everlasting is also strongly placed abroad, in the EC, Africa and in the Middle and Far East. This remarkable result has been achieved thanks to more than sixty years of professional experience in refrigeration, as well as to a constant commitment to providing the market with innovative and high-quality solutions, of course all Made in Italy. Quality and efficiency are, in fact, the key words guiding our production, whose target is to offer a range of reliable equipment aimed at organizing the working space in the most functional way  ever. Our products can be divided into five main lines, matching the professional areas to which the company addresses: Ristorante, Pastry-Chocolate-Ice Cream, Bakery, Pizzeria, Food & Beverage. An additional line of “Stagionatori” is entirely dedicated to salami seasoning, cheese ripening and meat aging.


anni 50 6050-60 years: The history of our company began thanks to the initiative and passion of its founder, Giovanni Guidetti. When he was only fourteen, he attended a professional school and a course for refrigeration technicians in Milan, held at the headquarters of the U.S. corporation CGE. After working for several years in the field, he decided to set up his own business, counting on the skills he had developed in the field and during his studies. His business idea began to take shape in 1956, when he founded his company, called Everlasting, in Suzzara (Mantova), initially specializing in wooden refrigerated cabinets. Over the years, the company followed the evolution of the market, designing new generations of refrigerators, like those entirely made of metal and stainless steel. Later on, the production also extended to refrigerated benches, satisfying the demand of complete furnishings for public spaces, bars, butcher shops and grocery stores.

anni 70

70 years: The 70's saw a reinforcement of the production, which also extended to the cooling shipbuilding industry. For the company, this meant dealing with preparing kitchens, dining rooms, sleeping berths and all the equipment needed to furnish a ship. Much of this activity took place in boatyards, far away from Suzzara. For the employees, this meant going on long journeys away from their families. For this reason, in the following years this kind of work was abandoned. However, in the meanwhile other activities were carried out, for example the insulation of vans on behalf of the OM-FIAT Suzzara, and of amphibious rescue vehicles for LANCIA of Turin.

anni 80 90

80-90 years: In the 80's another step further was taken. Everlasting was transformed from a sole trader into a limited liability company, thus becoming Everlasting srl. This step marks a milestone for the company: once abandoned the work for the ««third parties» Fiat and Lancia, Everlasting was finally able to commit itself to the construction of industrial refrigerators. These years were also characterised by more significant changes: Giovanni’s sons, Paolo and Giorgio, started working for the company, and new investments were made to stimulate production. In 1981, a new production unit was established, the company Cold Mark snc, which only dealt with assembling refrigeration systems for Everlasting, its mother house. Towards the end of the 90's, Everlasting decided to exclusively focus on equipment for restaurants.

anni 2000

2000 years: The 2000s see the consolidation of all strategic decisions taken in the previous years. Paolo and Giorgio now lead the group following the path opened by their father, pursuing a constant renewal. Production is now focused on new innovative products, such as blast chillers and devices equipped with control electronics. In 2001, the company inaugurated the new Cold Mark headquarters, company focused on the production of modular cold rooms.


Today: Thanks to our long-established tradition and to our strong identity, we have expanded our product ranges beyond the catering field, investing in the design of brand new lines aimed at providing bakeries, ice-cream shops, pizzerias and delis with the most satisfactory solutions ever. Diamond points are our retarder provers – cabinets, tables and rooms, to meet all our clients’ needs –, and our full range of blast chillers and blast freezers for trays and trolleys, suitable both for small amounts of products, and for semi-industrial producers. One of the key factors contributing to our success is the will to constantly improve and design machines capable of meeting every client’s needs. That’s precisely the idea behind our functional and versatile Stagionatore cabinet, useful both for seasoning home-made cold cuts and cheeses, and for beef dry-aging, a process more and more frequently demanded by top chefs all over the world. Furthermore, our technical skills allows us to guarantee our clients total flexibility: they can therefore customise their products according to their needs, and be absolutely sure that everything will be delivered in the shortest time possible, even in case of not considerable amounts of goods. To conclude, we proudly represent one of the last few entirely Italian manufacturing companies, having the 99% of our range of products designed and manufactured in our facilities.