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Green Technology

produz copia

Material used
Our products are 95% recyclable because they are realized with first quality materials and highly recyclable like stainless steel, glass, copper and refrigerant gas.
All our products contain environmentally friendly refrigerant gas and polyurethane, free of CFC and HCFC dangerose for the environment

Reduction of the inventory and responsible production management
We were able to minimize waste materials by managing the production cycle according to a logic of efficiency and optimization of time, cost and materials.

Our products have an insulation thickness (75mm for cabinets, 50 mm for tables) with high density and water-expanded environment- friendly polyurethane that guarantee a perfect insulation.
Self-closing doors minimize the loss of cold from the refrigerator reducing the energy consumption.

Electronic control
The sophisticate technology of the electronic card in every product monitors and managing the operating parameters.
Depending on the data collected by the control unit, the machine automatically performs defrosting and restarting operations.
An other important function of the electronic card is the intelligent management of alarms reported by probes and visualized on the control panel.

Energy Saving
The Energy Saving feature may be activated during the idle hours of the staff, such as at night, and is to increase the temperature set point and thus have lower power consumption.





Reducing packaging and transport optimization
The packages are designed to use less material as possible to avoid waste. Over the past five years we have reduced the use of carton packaging by 60% thus creating less bulky and less heavy. This new package has enabled us to carry more products for each individual load optimizing space.
The transports are handled in such a way as to maximize the travel saving fuel and reducing the time of delivery.




Recommendations for use
Some small changes in the use of products in addition to improving the performance of the same help to safeguard the environment.
For a correct use of the product results in a significant energy savings and an extension of its life cycle over time.